ghost in my speakers

by clay pendergrass




when i was thirteen, my family gave me a casio kx-101.
a wild combination of boombox, complete with tapedeck,radio and built-in keyboard drum machine. it saw a lot of use but was lost while traveling on a summer vacation in the Carpathian Mountains.

thirteen years later,
soon after a crisp and deep halloween sunset,
i heard strange beats and bumps in the night coming
from a closet in my recording space.
with no batteries or visible power source,
the boombox was blaring and spinning a warped cassette tape.
the tape was exactly 13 minutes & 13 seconds in length.

this experience is repeated each year on All Hallows' Eve.
a very few times, i was able to record these sounds externally
just before the tape disintegrated.
do u hear what i hear!?


released October 5, 2013

recorded, mixed & mastered
by Mangel Wurzels in Sleepy Hollow

special thanks to
Blinky,The Lady of White Rock Lake and Nearly Headless Nick



all rights reserved


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clay pendergrass Dallas, Texas

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